MALKIELE (pronounced Mal-kee-EH-leh) was born to fulfil a specific mission: to create the most sophisticated hair accessories designed especially for HAIR HEALTH and STYLE.


MALKIELE brand creates using environmentally-friendly materials, packaging and processes without compromising sustainability.


The brand was founded by former European finance lawyer Marina in Latvia in 2020. MALKIELE.com was launched in 2022.


The brand’s idea is based on a need that many women have to resolve the following problems: hair damage from regular hair accessories, pain and lost hair when removing common hair ties, poor quality of hair accessories and lack of style and exclusivity in hair adornments.


All of MALKIELE's exclusive accessories are handcrafted by talented European artisans in the greenest country in the EU - Latvia.


The difference between MALKIELE’s creations and other brands’ silk hair accessories is very significant: MALKIELE’s work has a solid stylistic foundation, is exclusive in its product quality and craftwork, provides a volumizing effect to the hair, silk scrunchies do not lose their shape after use, and our creations do not appear to be made of common cloth material due to our unique design. In addition, our handiwork features our iconic silk hand-knitting style for beautifully embellished silk knit headbands and scrunchies.