We know that ladies love reading and that

each of us has a list of top books to read in 2023.


In addition to gently caring for your hair, we also want

you to look sophisticated while you dig into reading.


That is why  MALKIELE has created an exclusive bookmark with a silk tassel

to inspire you to read more and to read with STYLE.


Our WITTY Bookmark comes with a tassel that is made from 100% pure Italian SILK.

It is complete with a space to personalise it with your NAME. Available in 3 colours so far.

It is HANDMADE by our talented European artisans in our

studio located in the greenest country in the EU: Latvia.


We want you to ENJOY more while reading. 


CHOOSE the most gentle silk hair accessories and receive a GIFT - an exclusive bookmark.

Each order made on Malkiele.com comes with a gift - a Witty Bookmark.


If you feel you need more than one, for an additional fee, you can add

as many bookmarks in as many colours to your order as you need.


There’s more….

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